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Royal jelly 30 capsules LOHRMANN


Strong enough to create a queen bee, royal jelly is a nutrition-packed natural substance from which people can also gain strength and vitality. Produced naturally by worker bees from a gland in their head, it is used to feed and nourish bee larvae in their early days of development.


Royal jelly is one of the tastiest naturally occurring substances. It is called organic because it is completely natural and it is meant for the nourishment of the queen bee. Organic royal jelly is the most commonly used term for purified jelly. This particular jelly is rich in many vitaminspantothenic acidinositol etc...


It is vital in making the skin glow and wrinkle free. This substance is especially known for its muscle repair and cell regeneration capabilities. Moreover, it also helps in good hair growth. Organic royal jelly is known for its special action on the levels of bad cholesterol or LDL. It can promote a better growth of hair and skin. It is a highly strengthening agent‚ which can promote a number of reactions stay alive and revitalized throughout the day.


This substance is extensively used to cure hormonal disorders. It can help in restoring liver enzymes and boost the way the body absorbs a particular nutrient especially fatty acids. It can also act as a pain killer. The amount of royal jelly can aid in atopic dermatitis.


It can also boost the amount of collagen produced in the body. Furthermore, it can cure the outburst of skin lesions and make the skin appear to be natural, blemish less and wrinkle free. There are many people who use this substance to cure deep tissue infections or skin ulcers. When it is used as an ointment it can almost cure every type of small wound. It is also known to be extremely useful in countering bacterial and fungal infections.

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