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Cat's Claw candies 100 grs

Cat's Claw candies 100 grs


Delicious and nutritive candy. Contains : dried cat's claw, whole milk, honey, vegetable fat, glucose and sugar. The Cat's Claw (CC) is a vine that belongs to the Rubiaceae botanical family and grows in the Peruvian rainforest. In has medicinal properties and has been used for the prevention and cure of many diseases by different ethnic native groups since ancient times. The medicinal properties of this plant are due to its oxindole type alkaloids, glycosides of quinovic acid, tritherpenes and steroid fraction contents. CC is being researched and used because of its anti-inflammatory, immuno-stimulant, antioxidant, anti-mutagenic and anti-viral actions which are applied on patients suffering from: leukemia, rheumatoid, arthritis, allergic respiratory diseases, ulcers, gastritis, AIDS, cancer, viral diseases, convalescence and "general sensation of weakness".

Contains : dried cat's claw, whole milk, honey, vegetable fat, glucose and sugar.

Del Salar, Sal del Salar de Uyuni

ARTESANIA SORATA was established in 1978. The quality and versatility of our products reflects this history.

We offer high quality alpaca knitwear and original handcrafts made from handspun sheep’s wool. All of our products are made entirely by hand. The yarns are hand dyed using natural dyes (except for the blues).

ARTESANIA SORATA provides work for families with low incomes in both rural and urban Bolivia. The income generated enables the artisans to provide a higher standard of living for their families. The nutritional and educational opportunities for their children are improved, indeed many have now graduated from university.

Over the years ARTESANIA SORATA has supported adult literacy and health programs, creativity workshops in state children´s homes and a children´s hearing program. We believe in the right for all to live a healthy life with a positive outlook for the future.



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