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  • Quinoa flakes 227 grs

Quinoa flakes 227 grs


Quinoa flakes is a food that is ready to be consumed with milk, yogurt or fruits. They are a kind of consumption that maintains the best nutrients and it is very pleasant to the palate. Because they are very light you can consume important portions of a cereal that if cooked in another dish could be heavy. Quinoa named as “Incas cereal” is very well known because of its high content of proteins and calcium.

Nutritional information 100 (g)
Energetic value (kcal) 369.00
Total Fat (g) 4.20
Carbohydrates (g) 74.60
Protein (g) 8.50
Calcium (mg) 55.50
Iron (mg) 3.10


After more than nineteen years of continuous work, SAITE has met the successful income with its different products into the principal organic markets. SAITE has diversified its business, as now it is not only dedicated to the preparation and the exports of quinoa and coffee, but also black beans by its different varieties besides sesame, amaranth, achiote (a natural edible pigment) and dried string-beans.

Actually SAITE works with 32 communities, 177 producer families and various economical farmer organizations, obtaining the total cover of the national area. It works with communals of the three macro ecological regions of Bolivia, the highland, the valleys and the tropical zone. Within its cover zone SAITE gives technical assistance and facilitates seeds and organic consumer products for the ecological production. It adecuates its social environmental responsibility to the requirements of production under a ecological sustainable criteria.

The same way SAITE is a permanent member of the Magna-Meeting of the Association of the Organizations of Ecological Producers of Bolivia – AOPEB, which is the matrix organization agglomerating and representing more than 30.000 ecological producer families all over Bolivia with over-institutional private-public relation on national and international level.

Our technology is designed in accordance with our needs and requirements and promotes at the same time the cultivation of agricultural and ecological products in diverse production zones, guarantying the quality of its products to the consumer so to deliver the consumer with a proof highly nutritive diet free from any synthetic contamination.



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