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  • Spray propolis 30 c.c APISBOL - natural antibiotic

Spray propolis 30 c.c APISBOL - natural antibiotic

Spray propolis 30 c.c APISBOL - natural antibiotic


Natural antibiotic. Propolis is the resin of the trees and other plants extracted by the bees. It is a very useful natural antibiotic that helps you to increase the defenses of your organisms; it is used to cure breathing apparatus affections such as influenzas, cough, bronchus, asthma and many others. It is also useful for stomachic problems such as ulcers, gastritis, and to eliminate intestinal parasites Propolis is used to heal wounds and to cure the gums. You can also use it for any skin affection such as acne, fungus, eczema, warts and others. You drink twenty drops of propolis in a cup o f water with honey or sugar three times a day as a curative dose. In case you use it to prevent sicknesses, you can take it once a day.

* Natural Antibiotic
* Active defenses
* No side effects


Apicultura Integral Bolivia (APISBOL), after 20 years of persevering and silent work, showed that the country has all the conditions for developing a quality beekeeping industry. Processed products by APISBOL were awarded the "International Gold Star for Quality" award by the Bank (IDB) Business Initiative Directions.

Today APISBOL offers a complete line of high quality bee products under SENASAG standards.







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