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Polen of flowers APISBOL 150 grs

Polen of flowers APISBOL 150 grs


Polen of flowers. Polen is the male element of the vegetal reproduction collected by the bees. Each grain of pollen is a biological unity that contains an amazing richness of vitamins and twenty one of the twenty three amino acids considered as essential elements for life. Besides that, it contains carbohydrates, fat, enzymes, mineral leavenings, hormones and even, still unknown substances. It can be used as a mental and physical reconstitution, specially for children and young people. If people between 50 and 60 ages take it in a systematic way, it is proved that pollen can reduce the possibilities of having prostate.

Polen should be consumed in fast, a spoon of pollen mixed with milk or fruit juices when used as a reconstitution. If you used during the process of recovering, we recommend taking a spoon of pollen twice a day, one in fast and the other half an hour before lunch.


Apicultura Integral Bolivia (APISBOL), after 20 years of persevering and silent work, showed that the country has all the conditions for developing a quality beekeeping industry. Processed products by APISBOL were awarded the "International Gold Star for Quality" award by the Bank (IDB) Business Initiative Directions.

Today APISBOL offers a complete line of high quality bee products under SENASAG standards.







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