Chamomile extract 50 ml

Chamomile extract 50 ml


Medical Chamomile is a 100% natural high quality hydroalcoholic extract containing natural active substances of fresh flowers in high concentration Matrici recutita. The whole of the active ingredients of chamomile Medical give you a broad spectrum of anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and sedative. The raw material Medical Chamomile are fresh flowers of the chamomile. The use of fresh plants for the production of alcoholic extracts is preferable to dry plants, because they contain more active ingredients.

Internal use: Inflammation and gastrointestinal spasms / Digestive / Nervous system / nervous gastric disorders / promote sleep.
External use: Inflammation and skin infections, burns, eczema, ... / Thrush, swollen gums, bad breath, sore throat, pharyngitis / Affections of the respiratory / skin impurities / Inflammation of the genital or anal regions.

Planta Médica, Inti

1936 marked the beginning of the largest pharmaceutical industry in Bolivia when the German businessman, Don Ernesto W. N. Schilling Huhn, creates in La Paz's the"Hamburg Drugstore", dedicated to the selling of medicinal drugs and medicines.

This industry pioneer in the country initiated the development and production of medicinal products as Mentisan ointment, tincture of iodine, Mercurochrome, Belladonna ointment, etc.. Eleven years later, after a process of transformations within the firm, affecting change of name to Drugstore INTI SA.

  The company adopts a strong industrial orientation and adds to its activities manufacturing and marketing of new products that are taking leading positions in the pharmaceutical market of Bolivia.

Today INTI is the leading Bolivian company in the pharmaceutical market.



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