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Walking doll - Cat


A doll that represents a funny cat. It is a great toy, a shadow and imitator of movements. It is made of polar fabric, with gloves and socks where the kid introduces his/her hands and feet to play with it or make it act as a puppet.

Material: Polar Fleece.

Age: More than 3 years.

Size: 34x14.5x12 cm.

The raw material provided by Anatina Toys to the different artisanal factories for the fabrication of toys are the following: wood and fabric. They are noble materials that due to their characteristics of malleability, durability and safety are apt for the fabrication of toys and different types of products. Likewise, It also provides the input material needed to produce the toys.
The Wood, that Anatina Toys acquires observes a compromise acquired with GLOBAL FOREST TRADE NETWORK – BOLIVIA (GTN), an institution that is born thanks to WORLD WILDLIFE FUND (WWF), that aims to promote the trade of forest products in a responsible way, taking into account the origin of the wood and prioritizing environmentally responsible forests.
In accordance with this compromise Anatina Toys recognizes the responsibility with the environment when manufacturing the toys with certified wood, in particular, the responsible management of the forest, its conservation, protection and restoration at worldwide level.


Anatina Toys is a project by SOBOCE that strives for improving the life standards of hundreds of bolivian artisans by generating permanent employment for this sector. This company produces and commercializes wood and fabric handmade Bolivian toys. It works with tens of craft factories that independently but with supervision, work under strict quality standards and controls.

Basically, Anatina Toys performs 3 basic activities.

* Designs and develops their products CREATIVELY AND RESPONSIBLY, observing international standards.

* Provides FREELY AND TIMELY to the craft factories all the raw material and input to produce the toys.

* Trains INTENSIVELY AND ACCURATELY the artisans on techniques to manufacture the toys as well as on complementary topics that helps them to improve their business.

When Anatina Toys produces a new toy, it makes sure that it has a high degree of “PLAYABILITY”. That means that our toys must achieve the following:

* Stimulate the curiosity of the child,

* Motivate their creativity, and, finally,

* Incite to play in different ways, many times and for a long time.




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