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  • CORALI scarf 100% alpaca wool

CORALI scarf 100% alpaca wool


This colorful Corali scarf is a very elegant and sober accesory. The alpaca scarf is warm, light and soft, a very comfortable piece to wear.

Machine and hand made by the most skilled weavers Bolivian alpaca, with dedication and care that requires such a delicate in aplications garment. All the finishing details were made entirely by hand.

Aproximate dimensions: 180 x 20 cms.

Artisans: groupe d'artisans producteurs de vêtements en alpaga de grande qualité dans les conditions du commerce équitable.
Matériel: 100% alpaga bolivien fine et superfine. Epaisseur 2/11.
Type: alpaga lisse et applications.
Astuces: Lavez séparément à la main ou à la machine à l'eau froide et un détergent doux.
Durée de production: 1 jour machine.


CORALIA is devoted to handmade clothing alpaca fiber with beautiful hand finished with embroidery and crochet technique conceptualized from traditional to modern without losing its cultural essence. To this end, we have a highly trained team who know the problems and needs of the Bolivian market, with 20 years experience as craftsmen and 10 as company owners.

One result is that CORALIA exists for four years in the Bolivian market offering quality products with design and identity by strengthening local and international markets and on supporting the development of our resources in our country, generating employment opportunities.




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