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  • Rustic grey ILLIMANI Kangaroo jacket

Rustic grey ILLIMANI Kangaroo jacket


This fantastic garment was all handmade with a combination of soft alpaca and lama wool. If you want to keep your body, head and hands warm during cold seasons, try wearing one of these kangaroos, you won't regret it.

Aproximate dimensions:

  • Length: 70 cms.
  • Width: 60 cms.
  • Beam: 50 cms.
Craftmen: Made by craftsmen from the cities of El Alto and La Paz in Bolivia.
Material: Combination of soft alpaca and lama wool.
Recommendations: Wash separately with cold water and mild soap.
Note: As these are handicraft products, they may vary slightly from the picture displayed.

Doña Marcelina, handicrafts

Our craftmen have inherited this tradition which combines the art of wool spinning with modern styles and designs. Our many craftmen offer a great variety of styles and designs that range from Andean designs that preserve the identity of the Bolivian Altiplano to modern, casual or formal designs.

Our craftmen offer items of clothing manufactured with different knitting techniques:

* Knitting with needles.

* Loom weaving.

* Crochet weaving.

* Semi-industrial weaving machine.



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