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  • Aloe vera exfoliant cell 150 cc

Aloe vera exfoliant cell 150 cc

Aloe vera exfoliant cell 150 cc


Exfoliant face cream. Contains organic grains and oats (oat sativa L)40% that clean deeply and sharpen the texture of the skin eliminates the dead cells preparing the skin to receive the benefits of the hidratacion and nutrition, contains also Aloe Vera gel to protect the skin in the exfoliation process.


The Ancestral Andean culture believed that if there is enough food for everybody, man will reach a human balance and there won’t be poorness or hungry. For us the mother nature (PACHAMAMA ) is the main purpose in life, so we keep it by protecting the water and every part of the natural constituents of life.

Our main purpose is to take care of nature, using the Knowledge of the Andean cultures to keep a healthy body, and a spiritual life. The wholeness of nature give us the energy to transmit it in to our bodies trough the foods we nurture with fresh water and natural growing with BIODYNAMIC agricultural practices to a 100% environmental sustainability to protect biodiversity.

We work in association with native community people, recovering the knowledge of their culture to produce healthy and BIODYNAMIC products.


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