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Beverage with organic amaranth 280g

Beverage with organic amaranth 280g


Amaranth is a cereal whose proteins, vitamins and minerals contents are very important. It is a cereal specially recommended for children and pregnant women and during the period of lactation; for growing periods and for renewal of the tissues. The quality of proteins that amaranth has is very important because it has lysine, limiting amino acid that is exceptionally found in this cereal. They are a kind of consumption that maintains the best nutrients.


To prepare it: you can dissolve 5 spoons of powder in 1 liter of water and adsd some sugar according to your taste. You can replace the water by milk or soya milk, cold or warm.


Irupana offers a line of natural beverages that need to be cooked. They serve for many preparations and besides they refresh yourself, they help you to clean your kidneys.

Nutrition information
Portion (g) 27
Serving Per Container 10
100 (g) 1 serving Calories (kcal) 398.00 107.5
Protein (g) 8.60 2.3
Total Fat (g) 5.70 1.5
Carbohydrates (g) 74.30 20.061
Calcium (mg) 211.00 57
Iron (mg) 5.70 1.5

IRUPANA, a fair trade company

IRUPANA is a company specialized in the production of Natural and Organic food with special emphasis in the process of Andean cereals such as; Cañawa, Quinoa, Amaranth, a great variety of corns and Tarhui.The mision of IRUPANA is to recover not only the agro-ecological potential of our country but also the alimentary culture of all Bolivia’s towns; their raw materials; their usages and customs and in an industrialized way restore the best nutritious diet to the country in order to preserve the National Alimentary Security.

The Vision of IRUPANA is to recover the Alimentary potential of Bolivia through the combination of technologies: the native with the universal ones, so that they maintain the nutritional and natural properties of all the food.

IRUPANA offers to the small farmers of the country market for their products, and it pays them higher differentiated prices that reward their quality, cleaning and punctuality.Irupana considers that the most important value for a country is its population and its greater strength is in its culture, identity and history, therefore, the treatment among human beings must be fair in all the social aspects and admit that every person in this world is the bearer of knowledge. 


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