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Naturalcos, Fair Trade & Organic

All of us at NATURALCOS take great pride and care in preparing MACASPIRIT. Our committment to fair-trade and organic practices extends from the first spring planting through cultivation and harvesting. We work in close partnership with indigenous Bolivian farmers whose roots in this land reach back thousands of years.

We hand pick our Maca and use only gentle processing methods to ensure that  MACASPIRIT, energy and nutrients remain intact. We are committed to Fair Trade practices for our workers. We return a percentage of our income from exporting MacaSpirit to improve health services in the indigenous communities where we cultivate and process Maca.

Amoung our local parners is Wari Willka Paxsi, a Bolivian traditional healing shaman who shares his learning and understanding of the healing powers of plants used by his ancestors for their medicnal, nutritional and spiritual properties.  

UNESCO (the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization) recently proclaimed the Bolivian Ancestral and Traditional Medicinal Culture as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

It is the NATURALCOS mission to support the UNESCO initiative, and we invite you to visit Bolivia to learn more and experience our rich heritage.




  1. Maca 150 capsules MACASPIRIT

    Maca 150 capsules MACASPIRIT