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KALLPA Applied Biodiversity Peruvian food and pharmaceutical industries Peru is a privileged country for its approximately 25,000 plants growing in different ecological zones of the Andes, the Amazon and the coast, all 5,000 plants in recent centuries are used in different ways: 728 on food, 1,400 in medicine, 1,608 as ornamentals and 618 to utilitarian activities, at present its use has expanded among all countries Peruvians who have inherited the use of our plants from our pr

KALLPA from Peru to come within reach of our brothers around the world, its natural products in various presentations, research results of scientists, herbalists of many universities and institutes in Peru - U.S. - Japan and other countries where they are used for successful treatment of cancer, asthma, urinary stones, Hemorrhoids, Constipation, Arthritis, Allergy, Diabetes, Arthritis, Skin Diseases: Acne, Fungus, Herpes, etc.

Our raw materials are grown organically in our PACHAMAMA (holy land) and the benefits that it provides are the best KALLPA Product certification.



  1. Maca in powder KALLPA 500 grs

    Maca in powder KALLPA 500 grs