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NATURALEZA is a leading agribusiness company in Bolivia in the preparation of infusions of fruits and natural herbs. It starts at Tarata, Cochabamba - Bolivia, in 1993 rushing to market with innovative products completely breaking habits and imposing a new style of doing business, becoming a nexus between city and countryside.

Born by the urgent need to provide healthy food for humans and the planet. This need becomes a growing demand for natural and organic products. The success of the brand Frutté not only due to their nature, quality and competitiveness, but mainly to his philosophy Ecosocial.  

NATURALEZA rescues the natural wealth of biodiversity in Bolivia, the combination with the ancestral knowledge of Andean-Amazonian culture and gives a modern approach to deliver business-quality teas.  

NATURALEZA , from the beginning, works closely with farmers suppliers of raw materials. It has grown and improved their quality as well as suppliers who maintains strategic alliances, managing the improvement and expansion of their crops. It has contracts that guarantee farmers a sustainable market. This positively impacts on producers by providing: Fair price + Distribution of utilities + Sales safe + horizontal relations.




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