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End Stevia

Green hillsides, breathtaking cliffs, rivers, waterfalls and lush vegetation are our hosts. END STEVIA is located iin los Yungas about four hours from the city of La Paz, Bolivia. We are at the beginning of the Amazon Basin and have a privileged geographical position to produce optimum plant that sweetens our lives: Stevia (Rebaudiana Bertoni).

It is in this context that our project was born thanks to the prestigious medical research that showed that steviosídio produced in the Yungas region has a unmatched purity, concentration and sweetness.

Our mission today: we are pleased to reach consumers with 100% natural products (free of aspartame, saccharin and chemicals). We hope our products contribute to a better quality of life.




  1. Stevia extract powder, 40 grs

    Stevia extract powder, 40 grs



  2. Stevia extract powder, 80 grs

    Stevia extract powder, 80 grs



  3. Liquid stevia, 30 ml

    Liquid stevia, 30 ml



  4. Liquid stevia, 60 ml

    Liquid stevia, 60 ml



  1. Stevia leaves, 35 grs

    Stevia leaves, 35 grs



  2. Pack Degustation stevia

    Pack DEGUSTATION stevia



  3. Pack MINI stevia

    Pack MINI stevia



  4. Pack Pachamama stevia

    Pack PACHAMAMA stevia



  1. Pack Pusi stevia

    Pack PUSI stevia